Forza Super Strength T5 Black claims to contain 50% more proven ingredients than any other T5 slimming pill on the market, giving you the ultimate fat-burning experience. It claims to have an effective method for stripping away excess fat in stubborn areas. It also says that its unique time-release technology is able to burn calories for longer hours without crashing, helping you to experience an increase energy levels as you are burning fat.

As amazing as this sounds, it is hard to know how effective Forza Super Strength T5 Black will be until we look closely at the ingredients, consumer reviews and clinical studies (if there are any) that back it up.


The only ingredient we could find listed for Forza Super Strength T5 Black diet pills was called Activ-Rx HCL. This element is said to have been “organically altered or synthesized to deliver more powerful medicinal-like effects,” but there is no evidence offered as of yet that proves Activ-Rx HCL is any kind of improvement over other naturally occurring forms of HCL.

Even if it were proven to be effective, we don’t know how much would be necessary to truly see results, and we don’t know if Forza Super Strength T5 Black has it. Furthermore, only knowing one ingredient in a supplement is a bad sign, since one ingredient cannot possibly give you all the weight loss benefits that a good diet pill should have.


-It does have some positive consumer reviews


-It is expensive and inaccessible. The only website we found that sells it online is in the United Kingdom, and shipping alone would be costly

-It does not divulge any information, meaning that we don’t know if it contains harmful or ineffective ingredients

-It is no longer distributed by the company that created it, which is not a good sign


We would not recommend using Forza Super Strength T5 Black. There are many diet pills out there that are proud of their ingredients and are happy to provide a full list for consumers to view. When a product like Forza Super Strength T5 Black withholds information, we can only assume that it is hiding ineffective ingredients.


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