The makers of Brazilian Diet System Fat Burner for Men claim to have concocted a formula that can help men lose weight through using specific ingredients found in everyone’s favorite South American country. Not only a diet pill, this weight loss supplement is specifically geared towards men to help them build lean muscle. Let’s take a closer look at this product to see if its ingredients can actually help men lose hit their weight loss goals.

What are the Ingredients in this Product?

Ironically, several of the ingredients are not primarily Brazilian, including green tea extract and white kidney bean extract. The Brazilian ingredients are guarana seed extract and the acai berry.

While Green tea has many antioxidants, which do help your body lose weight, not a lot of research has been done on white kidney beans. Many studies have been done on guarana, and none of them have proven that this extract actually helps with weight loss. The Acai berry, on the other hand, seems to be the most recent weight loss darling, proving very effective in boosting energy and helping you shed those pounds, all while keeping it all natural.


Green tea extract and acai certainly have proven weight loss capabilities. Brazilian Diet System Fat Burner for Men certainly made a good choice in including these ingredients. This product potentially could give you more energy (through the acai) all while eliminating free radicals, harmful substances which prevent weight loss from being effective.

Brazilian Diet System diet pills also contain all natural ingredients, which make it a safe choice with little or no harmful side effects.


The other ingredients in Brazilian Diet System Fat Burner for Men do not impress. Guarana has never been proven to provide any real health benefits beside a temporary boost in energy from its caffeine content, and the jury is still out on White kidney beans. The question we have to ask: Why are these ingredients even in there?


A closer look at the ingredients gives us mixed feelings about this product. While Brazilian Diet System Fat Burner for Men makes some good promises, it doesn’t quite deliver. While green tea extract and acai berry are both good ingredients, it contains other components which don’t make sense. The name of this product is also misleading; there isn’t anything in here that is specifically for men. For your money, we recommend going somewhere else.


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